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Posted in family & friends, randomness... on April 22, 2009 by dlaguinto

Pacquiao Nike Quickstrikes! Props to the FTLC crew for getting these. According to Mark, 200 made, Manny is getting the first half for family & friends and the last 100 is split between Fatlace, UNDFTD & Niketowns SF/LV.

Pretty safe to say, I will not have a chance at these! Godspeed to those on the hunt!


american graffiti & peggy sue

Posted in car related, randomness... on April 3, 2009 by dlaguinto

Two local events I’ve always wanted to check out are coming up.

American Graffiti Salute.Petaluma
May 14 through 16

Peggy Sue Cruise.Santa Rosa
June 11 through 14

From what I’ve been told the Santa Rosa event is the bigger of the two, bringing in cars & spectators from the East. If you happen to come out, give me a call…

WBC – Good luck Japan!

Posted in randomness... on March 23, 2009 by dlaguinto

The other night Donovan and I had this conversation:

Don: Dad, am I able to play for Team Japan when I get older?
Me: Probably not, I’m pretty sure you have to be Japanese.
Don: What about Team Philippines?
Me: Well, if you’re old enough to play in the WBC, maybe you can get onto the Philippines Little League team *chuckle*
Don: Huh?
Me: Oh nothing…

you can read the story here if you don’t know what I’m talking about…

SF vs YG vs FTLC

Posted in family & friends, randomness..., the kids on March 20, 2009 by dlaguinto

Going to have some vinyl made for Donovan’s batting helmet this year. Anyone care to vote?




I think he’s leaning towards Yomuri or Fatlace for originality points.

Warriors @ Clippers

Posted in family & friends, randomness... on February 26, 2009 by dlaguinto

Made a quick trip to socal to see Ricky and watch the Clips take on the Warriors. Flew out of SR which was EXTREMELY convenient. Good times for sure! I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking. I think you’ll need facebook to view them.

Here’s a link to the pics…

Funny story…

Posted in family & friends, randomness... on February 17, 2009 by dlaguinto

My brother David decides that he’s going to be super boyfriend this Valentines day and surprise Angela with a quick trip to Disneyland. She has no clue and they’re leaving Friday night right after David gets off work. David doesn’t like leaving his WRX at the appartment while they’re gone so they drop the car off at my parents house before leaving. As soon as they walk into the door Dad says:

“Hey, so what are you guys doing down in LA any way?”

WOW!!! David said Angela got all excited and started laughing. He was 7 hours away from total surprise victory and ended up with a normal 7 hour I5 ride instead. I can only imagine the defeat that he felt.

back like 23

Posted in car related, family & friends, randomness..., the kids, the weekend on January 30, 2009 by dlaguinto

It’s been a bit and I was planning to post pics but the task has eluded me once again. Rather than continuing to put it off I thought I’d just give you the quick run (or break, har har) down.

I think part of the reason I’ve been reluctant to post about the trip is because it left a weird taste in my mouth as you’ll see.

AM drive I5>210 to Pasadena
Mickey called Devon to tell him he was excited to see him
Ricky picked me up
Got to pacrim
Pulled off the fenders, bumper and misc bay stuff
Hung out with Jerry for a bit after and went through his latest hobby
Ricky and I headed back to the hotel
Got Janet and the three of us walked over to porto alegre
Finished eating and hit up the bar to watch the W’s, Lakers game
*end scene*

Went down to warm up the car and head to Anaheim
LX got keyed right in front of the round about (ugh…)
Got to Anaheim and found another key mark (UGH!!!)
Hit up Disney California for the day.
Pixar parade was the highlight of the night.
*fade to black*

Disneyland…need I say more?
Got in early (that’s how we do)
Ricky and the Laws (minus Will) came to hang out for a little
Brought Devon on the Matterhorn!!!
Special Birthday cake decorating party for Devon and Julia
Surprise visit from Mickey & Minnie
Devon lead the birthday parade with Minnie
Winter parade
Back to California for Light Parade and Toy Story Mania
Back to Disneyland Fireworks show

Breakfast at Lilo’s Luau
Back to Disneyland
Haunted Mansion > Nightmare before Christmas
LOST the brand new HD Camcorder I got JANET (UGH!!!)
Also had my Endless watch (UGH!!!)
And my Disney pins (DEFEATED!!!)
Fantasmic show canceled (DOUBLE DEFEAT)
Checked Disney City Hall and Lost & Found, not turned in.

Was suppose to head home right away
Made another trip to Disneyland to check Lost & Found
No Luck
Headed home feeling sucky

Socal was super cold. Disneyland during the holiday was cool but I don’t know if I’d do it again. Everything is in theme all the way to the rides. Super packed but didn’t wait in to many long lines. Legs/Feet were thrashed by dayTWO. To the point I was at the brink of asking for a wheelchair. Having two strollers SUCKED!!!

So, I mean, it was a good trip but things happened that hindered my normal free feeling at Disneyland. At this point, I could care less about the camera but the memory card had the whole trip on it. Last week I was able to take the LX over to Downtown Autobody in Rohnert Park and they were able to buff out 99% of the key marks so that’s a relief! Didn’t even charge me! Check them out if you’re local and go see Mike Graveman.