SF vs YG vs FTLC

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Going to have some vinyl made for Donovan’s batting helmet this year. Anyone care to vote?




I think he’s leaning towards Yomuri or Fatlace for originality points.


tiffany blues

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made a lunch run to fatlace to pick up some of the new gear. I’ve always been a fan of the tiffany blue so had to get these.

you never know when mark will be in store but he and robby were both there. always nice to chat with those guys.

keep your eye to fatlace, they got some things cooking…COOKING!!!

since we’re on the subject of tiffany blue, here’s a pic of one of my favorite ruckus‘. Bowls ownes the ruckus game…


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With my department move to Fairfield coming in April, I am all systems go hunting for a commuter. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to an EF Sedan or Wagon BUT if I can find a killer deal on an eg civic or 240 coupe, I may be swayed. I went out to the new office last week in the LX and I used over a quarter tank round trip…at $45+ a tank it definitely raised the urgency.

If you have any leads, it’d be appreciated =)

Warriors @ Clippers

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Made a quick trip to socal to see Ricky and watch the Clips take on the Warriors. Flew out of SR which was EXTREMELY convenient. Good times for sure! I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking. I think you’ll need facebook to view them.

Here’s a link to the pics…

Funny story…

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My brother David decides that he’s going to be super boyfriend this Valentines day and surprise Angela with a quick trip to Disneyland. She has no clue and they’re leaving Friday night right after David gets off work. David doesn’t like leaving his WRX at the appartment while they’re gone so they drop the car off at my parents house before leaving. As soon as they walk into the door Dad says:

“Hey, so what are you guys doing down in LA any way?”

WOW!!! David said Angela got all excited and started laughing. He was 7 hours away from total surprise victory and ended up with a normal 7 hour I5 ride instead. I can only imagine the defeat that he felt.

mark your calendars…TOYOTAFEST09

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Back at the Queen Mary. Hit up T.O.R.C for more info.


gangsta lean

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Our buddy Hiromi picked up some new rims for her truck. 18×10 inch gram lights…GANGSTA! Rims came off the pacrim drift car…double dope, hahaha